This is a two week long on location training help in the St. Louis, Missouri USA region. The course is a combination of classroom and hands-on ministry experience design to train leaders in the Biblical New Testament function of the church. It combines theory with real world training opportunities in an intensive two week period.

Requirements for enrolling -

  1. Must complete the Disciple Driven Church New Testament Christianity course and have been awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Requirements for completion -

  1. Attend the entire two week course and complete all assignments. A syllabus of course work is available before applying.

Those completing the course with passing grades with receive a Certificate in New Testament Church Leadership and qualify to be sponsored as Missionaries to America with Sun Ministries for the purpose of establishing a Disciple Driven Church and multiplying disciples.

There is no charge for this course work or training material. Room and food will be provided free of charge for the two weeks of training. Students are accepted based on completion of the Disciple Driven Church Training Center's New Testament Christianity course and their grades in that course. Not all applicants will be accepted. Students are accepted on a space available basis. Transportation to and from the training Center is the responsibility of the stuent. 

Only those completing the New Testament Christianity Course are eligible to apply for this training. Upon completion of that course, you will be sent course enrollment information automatically.