Deconstructing. Deinstitutionalizing. The Dones. Organic church. All of these words describe trends away from the institutional forms of church we have seen dominate the landscape for nearly 1700 years. Throughout history there have been moves away from institutional church forms. In many case, God moves outside the institution to bring revival. As people rush away from the church institutions and revival starts, the institution quickly rushes in to take control again.

There are some great reasons that mankind has found it hard to deinstitutionalize their faith. One reason is that people tend to run from all authority and structure during these times as if it goes hand in hand with institutionalism. This tendency assumes all structure and authority is bad. God has designed structure to rule over His church. He has laid out a pattern and instruction for how leadership, authority and structure are to be formed and operate. Leaving corrupt forms without embracing the divine pattern just places us in another corrupt form. Albeit a less institutional form.

In the end, this leaves the masses in the second condition that causes the institution to take control. People are built by God to desire His divine attributes an His presence. During times of revival there are always those charismatic leaders that will use it as an opportunity to draw men unto themselves. They use the outpouring of the Spirit as a mark of approval on their ministries. In most historical cases, God was bringing correction and not showing approval.

In order to escape the clutches of institutional religion we must build the divine structure. Only by rebuilding by God's design and instruction, can we avoid mans religious traps. We live in an age of passive religious experience. The enemy has lulled multiple generations into a passive religious practice. When revival comes, people are drawn to the manifestations of the Spirit. However, very few have examined the scriptures to understand God's design for His church. They have accepted mans rules and instructions for so long that they think they came from God.

The only way to end the cycle is for the faithful remnant to learn to reconstruct by God's divine pattern. We must throw off our passive nature in regards to church function and study the Scripture with fresh eyes. We must embrace the instruction we find there as if it were divine orders. Once we become familiar with the divine, we can avoid the corrupt.

That is the call of my life. I desire to study the Word of God and teach people how to embrace His divine instructions for the church. I cannot do it alone. The church is not designed to be led by one man except Jesus. The leadership of the church must be returned to being led by spiritual gifts. Leadership is a function of equipping not ruling over. Authority is for care and protection not to lord over people.